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Our Next Events

  • SketchBomb

    Aug 2014
    - 8 pm -

    SketchBomb is an open invitation to local artists of all skill levels and ages to come and hang out, sketch and share your art. We meet once a month on the third Thursday of each month and the evening is a mix of sketching timed themes, “Show and Yell” -where we’ll get a chance to check out eachother’s work and finally, a free sketching period at the end of the night.

    All styles are welcome too, comic art, cartoon, anime, illustration… whatever you enjoy and want to get better at!

    We kick things off officially at 8pm and carry on till 11pm, but feel free to show up earlier, if you’d like a chance to order some food, do some warm-up sketches, or just hang out and meet some people.

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