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Doc B.
Austin, TX
stars-5 4/1/2015
Been in here several times now. The staff is always welcoming and friendly, the food is amazing and there are so many great beers on tap!! The first time I went in, my bartender spent the time to find my NHL game on the TV of my choice. The burgers are the best I’ve had in over a decade, nothing real involved, just juicy and bursting with flavor!! Weather you want to watch the game, grab a bite to eat or just read a book with a good pint, Mr Tramp’s is the place!!

(I made this review in early 2013, no idea why it took this long to post)

I have been back many times since writing this review, and I have been just as impressed on every single visit.

Tony S.
Austin, TX
stars-5 3/30/2015
This is one of the first bars I started frequenting upon moving to Austin a year ago. Great staff, great owners and a fantastic beer selection as well. Never disappointed with the food. Moved down South and miss atmosphere of the patio and good conversation. Miss you tramps! I’ll see you soon!

Amanda S.
Austin, TX
stars-5 3/21/2015
Dear Mister Tramps,

You are so cool! I love you! You have all the things I love in life! You make me happy on a cloudy day. You are the sunshine on the northside.

You serve me drinks that are perfectly made. You have delicious bar food. You make my world whole by giving me free pizza with my pitcher of beer. You absolutely know the way to my heart. Nope it’s not the beer, liquor or shots … it’s all about the pizza!

You are the perfect way to end a day. You are lovely on the inside and out. You will continue to be my northside stop!

Love always,

Amanda S.

Jim S.
Austin, TX
stars-5 3/18/2015
One of my favorite lunch spots, this place is everything I want in a sports bar. A good selection of beer that changes on a regular basis, very friendly bartenders who are fun to talk to, and pretty good food. Check out some of the food specials if you want to change it up a bit, but their standard menu isn’t bad. Personally I like the pizzas and the Thai soup is really good.

They have a variety of events that take place throughout the week, including an open mic stand up comedy night. It’s one of the things for me that distinguishes this place above all of the other various pubs you could go to. That they have a variety of things going on to offer some cheap entertainment along with the variety of sports going on the TV’s.

The best part of this place though, to me, is the bartenders. Really nice, down to earth, fun loving folk. Tip them well!

Dani M.
Austin, TX
stars-5 3/16/2015
Went there for a beer and a bite. They have fast and helpful service- the bartender even split our burger for us without asking. Super nice staff and I’ll go there again.

Manuel L.
Houston, TX
stars-4 3/11/2015
Great place to catch a futbol game with great customer service.

We were in Austin for our anniversary and were missing the home opener match of the Houston Dynamo Season while away. we had read some reviews of Tramps being futbol friendly pub and they happily turned the TV channel to where our beloved Houston Dynamo were playing!

Randy M.
Austin, TX
stars-4 3/5/2015
We tried the Mediterranean & Pepperoni & Jalapeno Pizza. The Mediterranean without the chicken wasn’t that great. The Pepperoni was pretty good. Would return for the free pizza with the pitcher of beer, that’s for sure.

Kara P.
Austin, TX
stars-5 2/1/2015
So great! Super warm and welcoming place!!! Mr Alfredo the owner let us take over the big back room and do karaoke on a whim- he was a total sweetheart and even helped us set up the Bluetooth – love him!! Also free pizza with beer and the pizza is actually decent! If you’re north, check it out for sure!!

Raquel “Racle” C.
Austin, TX
stars-4 1/6/2015
TVs everywhere, seriously everywhere. great food, pretty good beer selection and there is a patio. different events go on often so check the website for more details or just pop in. the only thing that made this place less than great was one particular server confusing orders however the manager that night made it all good. it happens, but how things are handled is more important and that is why i’ll definitely return again in the future.

Sarah C.
Austin, TX
stars-4 12/10/2014
Are you a soccer fan? If so this is the place to go to watch a match or 3. Really good selection of beer and pretty good service too.

Brozay G.
Austin, TX
stars-4 11/20/2014
Unfortunately I live in NoA, thankfully for me, I have Mister Tramps! The only place I watch Arsenal up north is here, the staff is cool, friendly, shout out to Hannah,! the food is ok, I’m not here much for the food, but for the beer! They have a great selection of beers on tap, liquor, good specials, & everything is well priced. Sporting events, whether it be soccer, football or basketball, are a must here if you do live in NoA, & can’t make it somewhere DT!

Brooke A.
Austin, TX
stars-4 11/14/2014
My favorite little dirty hole-in-the wall bar in central Austin. Food is pretty good. The cheeseburgers are super tasty & only about $8. I also love that they offer a lot of different types of beer. For me though the very best part is that during NFL football season they are the host to the Philadelphia Eagles fan club & project the game (with sound!) on 3 large projection screens!

Katie P.
Austin, TX
stars-4 10/12/2014

If I could use only two words to describe Mister Tramps they would be, “severely underrated.” They pretty much hit the nail on the head for everything that matters to me in a sports bar.TVs? Got ‘em. Playing whatever sport you care to see. Don’t care about sports? Neither do I! They also have trivia and and karaoke in a cute little room perfectly blocked off from the rest of the rowdiness.The food is surprisingly delicious. They have brie pizza. And the spinach salad is so amazing that if you cut the size by a third it could be in any fine dining establishment in town.

Drink prices are extremely competitive; $3.00 wells all of the time and great pitcher specials. Not to mention a wonderful selection of craft and local drafts such as, my favorite, Live Oak Hefe. Note: They used to offer a free pizza with every pitcher, however, on our last visit informed us that the offer is no longer legal… sigh…

I wouldn’t take a journey to dine here, but I will recognize that for cheap, quality good eats and good drinks Mister Tramps holds their own for sure. It’s never packed, it’s within walking distance from my house, and they literally have the most well rounded decent preparing I’ve seen at a sports place. Let’s keep it going.

Stealie W.
Austin, TX
stars-5 10/11/2014
Love the ambiance. Love the tv locations. Love the parking. Love the food, especially the onion rings. Love this place. Will only come here now for all my sports needs. WHAT’S BEST? NO KIDS!!! HA!!

Griff C.
Austin, TX
stars-5 10/1/2014
Was my neighborhood bar and was never disappointed. Now I drive across town for a beer and burger, when there are 3 places closer. Excellent food, drinks, and people!

Caitlin A.
Austin, TX
stars-4 09/25/2014
Really good drink specials throughout the week! They also have a geeks who drink trivia night, which makes the whole place packed so get there early if you want a good seat! Their pizza is quite delicious too, so give it a try.

Darryl S.
Austin, TX
stars-5 08/22/2014
The absolute best place to watch a soccer game in the city of Austin, Texas. They have over 20 giant tv’s and a large dark room filled with projectors from wall to wall. They even can synchronize via webcam with other pub’s across the world so you can celebrate your favorite team’s win Globally. This is a must visit.

Dog S.
Austin, TX
stars-5 08/05/2014
I don’t know about that Frado dude, but Emily is fantastic! Car2Go parking, lockers and showers, too!

David O.
Austin, TX
stars-4 7/28/2014
This is a really good Soccer (Fútbol) bar. Their pitchers of beer are a little pricey but during the world cup games you couldn’t beat the jam packed atmosphere where you could feel the excitement.

Riquet A.
Austin, TX
stars-4 7/25/2014
Wonderful place to watch the World Cup. I am sure they have soccer games in other seasons, but the World Cup was my first time and they had a ton of TVs all around.

Alicia J.
Austin, TX
stars-5 7/6/2014
Mister Tramps has become my home away from home during this World Cup. I’ve been so impressed with the wait staff and how the owners clearly value the fans coming in to watch the games. During yesterday’s CRC game, they put on a Costa Rican party mix before and after play times so the ticos could have a party. Any time a team from a Spanish-speaking country is playing, they’re more than happy to show the game on Univision with Spanish announcers. It really shows when a bar wants to do right by their customers and they most certainly are.As for food, the burgers aren’t generally worth it (overcooked and underseasoned), the fried pickles are PERFECT, the pizza is almost flawlessly done, and the bread pudding is the kind of thing I still mention on a near daily basis even though it’s been three weeks since I tried it.The beer prices are about what you would expect, maybe a little less, but the drink specials and the pitcher prices are a steal. No drink specials during World Cup, though.

Brandon C.
Austin, TX
stars-5 7/3/2014

Awesome hidden gem on 183 especially if you like beer and soccer.The first time I stopped here was because it was close to my work and allowed me to skip rush hour traffic. The next 10 times were because I am in love with this bar. I have driven across town to watch soccer games here before and during the World Cup. The atmosphere here during a soccer match is out of this world. If you get a chance before the World Cup ends go see a match here but get their early because it gets packed.

The owner and bar staff are friendly and pretty timely with service. I am not sure about the wait staff because we sit at the bar rail anytime we go in.

The food is solid for pub grub. I am a fan of the pepperoni and jalapeno pizza because they use fresh jalapenos. I also got a BLT last time I was there, it wasn’t bad but before I finished it I wished I had ordered the pizza instead.

Impressive beer selection. I have seen things on tap here that I had never heard of and the prices are not unreasonable.

Honestly this is my favorite bar in North Austin and my favorite place to catch a soccer game.

Dan M.
Sulphur, LA
stars-5 6/30/2014
Live music and burlesque wow.. really enjoyed the show. Ohh the pizza here is a great thin crust.. yummy!

Michael C.
Austin, TX
stars-5 6/27/2014
Great Beer selection

Toufic C.
Austin, TX
stars-4 6/24/2014
Great place to watch sports, try to grab a back room couch and you’ll have 3 of the 4 walls covered in giant (> 12 feet) projector screens!

Kaolhi L.
Austin, TX
stars-5 6/17/2014
If you’re a big soccer fan then this is the place you need to go to. They are known for televising all of soccer games there. The drink prices are pretty good. Small parking lot so I suggest parking at Target then walking over.My World Cup goal reaction kinda went viral! Here it is!

Sara S.
Austin, TX
stars-5 6/12/2014

I love Mister Tramps!It’s nothing like Cheers, but it is JUST LIKE Cheers!

Friendly staff (understatement), polite sports (mostly soccer) fans, awesome pizza, unbelievable burger, and the fries and fried pickles are amazing.

The best days are when they have the veggie burger. It’s not on the regular menu, so when I walk in and it’s written up on the board I feel like I just won at bingo.

When it’s not, I feel sad and depressed. And then I notice the Bread Pudding is up on the board and I feel a little better.

Still – veggie burger, Mister Tramps. You do it so well, let’s give that little guy a spot on the menu already!

Romy G.
Austin, TX
stars-5 5/26/2014
Once again, I was starving after ten pm and nowhere was open. I had suggested cheeseburgers to my boyfriend, but it was UT commencement day/night, and after sitting in commencement traffic that evening, wanted to be nowhere near central Austin.A few of the usual suspects – Bartlett’s and Black Star – had already stopped serving food when we arrived, so he suggested Mister Tramps. I’d been here before to see friends play music, but had never had the food. The bacon cheeseburger was fantastic, as were the fries. It was the perfect size – no 2,000 calorie Hopdoddy bomb, just a solid cheeseburger that I could finish. I was especially impressed with the cold pickle spear on the side. I love a pickle with a cheeseburger. The beer selection was really good, too. My BF had some kind of nachos, drunken pig nachos, I think? They were really good too. I look forward to returning again when I need a bacon cheeseburger fix.

Kathleen S.
Austin, TX
stars-5 5/2/2014
This place is a great sports bar. They have a tons of beers on tap, super fried food, and even trivia and live music. The service is also great. Everyone was very attentive and helpful. Given the great local beer options in this town, it’s always disappointing to go to a bar and feel limited in your options. Not here, they’ll have something you will like on tap.The parking lot can get pretty full during trivia; I recommend parking in the Target parking lot. Otherwise, you may be towed.
If you’re looking for a good bar that’s not pretentious in the least, this is the place for you.

Christopher C.
Austin, TX
stars-5 2/28/2014
I’m not a sports bar guy but the food here is good enough to make it worth sitting through the occasional noisy evening. Good beer and liquor selection as well.

Steve H.
Austin, TX
stars-5 2/27/2014
If you want to watch soccer or rugby, look no further. The wings are above average. Nachos are good. They have a dark room with massive screens for watching soccer in life like size.

Sim S.
Austin, TX
stars-5 1/27/2014
Surprisingly pretty good food and inexpensive ! Nice staff and bartenders. Sometimes they will have a fun social party where everyone new to each other and it’s a great meeting place

John G.
Austin, TX
stars-5 1/10/2014
What’s not to love? Been to many social events here and had a good time. Service can be an issue, but overall not too shabby.

R G.
Austin, TX
stars-4 12/27/2013
I have to agree with some that my experiences were touch and go but had to give them their due based on today. Decided to go to watch the Arsenal v Chelsea game because I knew at least they would have it on unlike most sports bars.
Back room was set up for the game and was told by the manager before I even sat down. When I got a seat I was immediately greeted and she got me a beer quick. Ordered the blt which was very good and reflected better food from my other visits. Crowd and service was great. Overall everything was on point and now one of my go to places.

Pam M.
Austin, TX
stars-4 12/2/2013
REVISIT. After being assured by the owner that things had changed, we tried Mister Tramps again. Boy, what a difference! We were greeted by a exceedingly gregarious fellow, who asked what we needed and immediately drew our beers. He checked back several times throughout our visit, and was doing the same with other customers. Even the female bartender smiled! I’ve honestly never witnessed a more drastic turnaround in customer service! We didn’t eat but the entire place smelled fabulous, probably from the pesto a guy at the bar was eating. Plus they had the Spurs game on, on an ENORMOUS tv, along with other smaller tubes scattered around. We had a very pleasant evening – we’ll be back!

Harlee Q.
Austin, TX
stars-4 11/19/2013
I love this place because it’s so close to my house. The staff is friendly and I LOVE the Italian sidecar.

Hoang N.
Austin, TX
stars-5 10/24/2013
Love this place to hang out with coworkers after work (it’s reaallly close)! I don’t even like onion rings, but I always order theirs. I also love the little cobblers with ice cream that they have, always comes out hot! We were taken care of pretty promptly, and even though our waiter was new, he did a splendid job.

Scott T.
Austin, TX
stars-4 8/17/2013
Hurt Me wings are a must order, they are not as spicy as they sound however, but with a decent amount of sauce and meat on them, they are quit the tasty treat! The only gripe is it comes out to about $1.25 ish per wing, which is high for only 6 wings in the basket, but worth it! Huge beer selection which will make almost any tummy happy. Friendly staff…. although they are Cowboys fans.. sigh.. Back room has 3 giant screens for the games and you can easily pack all your friends or team fans in that room and have a party. This spot has all the makings for a great sports bar, excellent job everyone! – E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!! – exceptional service!!

Mary L.
San Mateo, CA
stars-4 8/14/2013
Oh Mister Tramps. I do love their Ruben pizza paired with a pear bottom. They have a unique little menu I would expect to find from pub grub. The service is good, not spectacular, but good. It’s a nice place to get together with friends and hang out while you throw back some beers and enjoy some decent food.

Judah R.
Austin, TX
stars-5 8/11/2013
Great food, great drinks, great staff. 5 starts is the minimum for this place! Everyone should definitely go and check this place out. Trivia night is a blast too.

Ashley B.
Austin, TX
stars-5 6/30/2013
Do you like beer? Do you like good food? Do you like sports? Obviously you’re going to say yes if you’re investigating this place so just do yourself a favor and stop in because Mister Tramps is what you’ve been waiting for your entire life. They have at least 15-20 beers on tap which are always rotating, there’s a huge room with 3 screens for sports related eyegasms, there are also screens pretty much all over the damn place. In fact, my one complaint is that sometimes I don’t know which one to focus because there are SO MANY SCREENS. The food is delish by the way – the drunken eggs benedict is my fav… so is the pulled pork sandwich… and the fish and chips… ok so basically everything I’ve ordered here has been tasty as FFFF. Oh and definitely a bonus, the place is never packed with the bros you’d normally run into at sports bars so thats nice :)

DeAnna U.
Austin, TX
stars-4 6/18/2013
Don’t judge a book by its cover!
I prefer lighter and more health conscious eateries, however, this place is definitely worth a cheat meal trip. I had the burger, which wasn’t exceptional, but everyone else had awesome reviews on their dishes (lasagne, bisk, and whiskey burgers). The fries are thin, greasy, and crisp, and the onion rings with chipotle ranch are…amazing. Next time I go I really want to try the fish and chips, which also had raving reviews.The only negative I would have is that it was kind of hot in the dining area, and the chairs are not comfortable for long periods of time (we went for the NBA finals).

Goldie S.
Austin, TX
stars-4 4/22/2013
You get a free pie of pizza when you order a pitcher of beer after midnight. Sat at the bar. Bartenders were pretty great.

Vivian C.
Tulsa, OK
stars-4 4/17/2013

We just flew into Austin and wanted to find a sports bar to grab some lunch and watch the Masters. This place was exactly what we needed!The place seemed to have a lot of regulars, but that didn’t change how the waitstaff treated us. The bartenders/waitresses were great and even gave my boyfriend samples of local beers when she found out we were from out of town.What impressed me the most was the food!! I expected typical bar food, but the quality and presentation of the food was on another level. I had to try the crawfish bisque after all the reviews and Yelpers, you nailed it! Every sip was full of flavor and creamy goodness. The club sandwich was also perfect. If you add pesto mayo to anything, you have yourself a winner.

Not the best location, but it didn’t make any difference to us since we were right by the hotel. This place was a great first stop to our Austin adventure!

Ashley K.
Austin, TX
stars-5 3/31/2013
I love this bar, and the food is incredible (try the pork sandwich and the pizza). We’ve been coming here for a few years and each time is a great experience. Recently, we had a birthday gathering here for my husband and even though it was during sxsw, the management staff were more than accommodating- we were given reserved seating, a very attentive server and special acknowledgment on their outdoor marquee wishing my husband a happy birthday. It was a great time, and I highly recommend stopping by for a drink (full bar and an extensive beer selection), watching a game (tons of different events going on at once), or some delicious food.

Brendan M.
Austin, TX
stars-4 2/25/2013

Mister Tramps is a top-notch locals’ spot with good food, convenient location, an overall great experience.As a game developer, Mister Tramps has been on my radar ever since I rolled into town. I hadn’t shaken the trail dust from my boots (rented) or found a watering hole for my horse (also rented) before I’d heard of this joint – a convenient point of convergence for the plentiful tech industry folk that have flocked to the Austin area.To be truthful, I haven’t shown up for a tech-specific event at Tramps just yet, but I’ve been there plenty enough times with friends to recommend to anyone that’s looking for a solid night at a bar that’s not near 6th street or inside of a movie theater.

Tramps is conveniently in the central part of town, which makes it within driving distance for you or anyone else you know, whether they live off SoCo, somewhere in hill country, or Round Rock or Pflugerville. It’s got a wide variety of beers, both local and commonplace, so everyone will be comfortable placing an order. They have an extensive menu of traditional bar food AND gourmet delights (what bar have you been to where people swear by the lasagna?) There’s a sports bar area in the immediate inside, a big ol’ porch out front, and a game room in the back for events (or the lucky passer-by? Not certain.) To top it off, the porch is pet-friendly, so if your rented stallion is thirsty, you can both rest easy at Tramps (disclaimer: Tramps may or may not actually allow horses. I only brought my dog. I am willing to bet that if your horse is well-behaved, you could probably get away with it at least once. This is Austin.)

If I’m looking for a fun time with friends, Tramps is always on my short list of destinations. I’d recommend you add it to yours.

Robin D.
Austin, TX
stars-5 2/8/2013

Mister Tramp’s is just the best. Sure when you walk in, it appears to need a little tlc, cleaning up, etc. But it is a dive bar, these are the things that make it so.The food is awesome. The beer list is awesome. The drink specials … Yup – awesome. Love the bar staff – Great to laugh with, exchange stories with, and talk good beer with …i’m a fan of the bar – and will definitely be back for the brie pizza and other tasty treats!!

Autumn R.
Austin, TX
stars-4 1/14/2013
This place is becoming our regular nightcap/neighborhood bar since we moved almost within walking distance from it. However, last Friday my friend planned my birthday party there in their back room and it made me like them even more. Our server was extremely nice and attentive and the owner kept coming back and checking on us (to his dismay no one was interested in Karaoke). There was no minimum for the room AND they did separate tabs.

Jacob H.
Austin, TX
stars-5 12/14/2012
Love love Love love Love love Love love mister tramps great food great drinks great prices

Alison L.
Austin, TX
stars-4 12/13/2012

After showing up late and being rejected by Pluckers, my trivia posse wandered down 183 to get our trivia on with the Geeks Who Drink crew. We sat in the “champagne room” which is just that back room with couches, folding plastic tables, and projectors playing very entertaining soccer clips on to the wall.We enjoyed the whole bar food experience: the pizza was good, they have beer by the pitcher, and the wings were super spicy – I ordered mild and spent my time crying onto my celery sticks, convincing everyone that I was accidentally given the wrong order.Our server seemed pretty disinterested in us at first but he warmed up eventually, I really appreciated that they do separate checks! And oh my god, so much parking.

Jennie K.
Austin, TX
stars-5 11/19/2012

This place has good food, great beer selection, and fantastic service. But don’t go here, because I want to keep coming back to an empty chair at the bar when CBS decides to be a jerk and televise the Cowboys (WHAT) instead of the Texans game.I had been here before in the back room with giant projectors and black leather bachelor style couches and it was just an average experience because I liked the food and beer, but hated the couches. The couches were just too big for little ole me.Buuuut, more recently, Mister Tramps were my Sunday morning saviors — I loved my cozy corner spot at the bar with a view of 3 different NFL games. Also, they had my Texans on DishTV, sectioned off the Jets fans from the other games, cooked me up a goat cheese omelette, and kept the $2 mimosas flowing (made with my favorite kind of orange juice to boot.)

Jared M.
Austin, TX
stars-4 11/9/2012
This place has a lot of good beer. This place shows a lot of soccer games. The food is pretty good.

Suzie C.
Austin, TX
stars-4 10/13/2012
Always good beer, food, and sports on the tellie! Try the Brie Fig pizza. It’s amazing!

John G.
Austin, TX
stars-4 10/4/2012
best burgers i austin. fries are good. friendly staff. I happen to really love the drenched burger – basically a hamburger drenched in queso. Although, it could use a bit more drenching.

Rachel B.
Austin, TX
stars-4 9/29/2012
Fun place for soccer fans. Love the specials and the atmosphere. On game days this place gets crowded so you need to head there early or find a spot to stand.

Brandon R.
Copperas Cove, TX
stars-4 9/12/2012
I’ll keep it short and sweet. A sports bar that has a decent beer selection, beyond the typical domestic offerings, and also has a really good burger menu. Friendly and knowledgable wait staff too!

Rae D.
Manor, TX
stars-5 9/8/2012

I’m reluctant to review this place. It’s kind of one of those hidden gems that isn’t overrun with people who think waiting an hour for a table is acceptable. I want it to remain that way. But sometimes when something is good, you gotta say so. Food fabulous — especially the pig out nachos and Thai soup —- beer selection pretty darn good. Gotta love a place that promotes local breweries and has a decent beer selection on draft!So, for all the people who think chain restaurants are acceptable, drink Bud and Coors crap, and will wait 45 minutes or more for a table — this place sucks! Horrible, horrible, horrible! Stay away, we’ll be happy you did.For those who know 512 isn’t just an area code, don’t mind a little Moose Drool and know that wit is also a liquid that tastes mighty fine in a glass, this is a great place.

L T.
Manor, TX
stars-4 8/31/2012
This place is for sports lovers! I visited Mister Tramps because I had extra time before meeting friends for delicious Vietnamese food in the area. They have a decent selection of beers on tap. Something for everyone.

Colin D.
Austin, TX
stars-5 8/25/2012

I haven’t had any of the food here, but I come here most Wednesdays for pub trivia and the beer selection is good, the atmosphere is fun and it’s easy to hear all of the questions without any trouble.I started coming here after being utterly unable to hear the questions about 1/3 of the time at another bar and having trouble getting seating. Here, there’s usually seating inside and the outdoor seating is always available and nice. The most recent time we came in, an employee even helped us move our table to someplace where the speakers were still working because she knew the closes speaker had blown out over the weekend.The beer selection is good, but not amazing. I pretty much always get the 512 pecan porter which is always on tap and it’s delicious, but if you’re looking for someplace with frequently rotating taps, you’ll be disappointed.

The whole inside is surprisingly open and airy for a bar. They have a back room with a huge projection screen and lots of other TVs scattered about to live up to their “European sports bar” label.

Erica S.
Austin, TX
stars-5 8/14/2012
Ridiculously good food. I never would have believed it from the name of the place but perhaps the best fish and chips ever not to mention wonderful salads and soups!

Nick P.
Wylie, TX
stars-5 8/9/2012
The crawfish and corn bisque is amazing!!!

Brittannie R.
Austin, TX
stars-4 7/8/2012
Amazing drink specials. One of the BEST made-from-scratch Bloody Marys in town, which are only $4 on Saturday and Sundays. $5 well pitchers on Mondays. The margaritas are just ok, but I’ll stick with a pitcher of beer and free prizza after midnight, EVERY NIGHT. They have a pretty good selection of beer. The food is standard, but the kitchen’s open til 2 which is great for us late nighters. Wish they had some more vegetarian/vegan selections.Trivia night’s a little crazy, football and cycling events are fun, there are sometimes some video game nights on the big projector screen, but hey, that’s cool. And the owner is hilarious. He always makes it a point to make the rounds to all the tables every time we’re there. But, if Amy’s there, consider yourself lucky. She is fantastic and fun and all-around the best person on staff there. We love her.

John K.
Austin, TX
stars-4 6/26/2012

Wow, their drink specials are unbelievable.Came here on a Monday evening for their $5 well pitchers. Let that soak in for a minute….not $5 wells (which would agreeably be overpriced) but $5 well PITCHERS.Not only that but they have a back room set up with game consoles and as my girlfriend and I were walking in a game of Super Smash Bros Melee was being played on the back wall. That is a nice little touch.

The music doesn’t really fit the vibe but maybe it was just one bartenders preference that night. It was a nice place to have a drink and not be bothered.

We ordered the drunken chips and queso. As the description says it is their “Signature queso mellowed with Shiner Bock beer…” Mellow is an accurate description of the queso…it looks similar to Chili’s queso but lacks some flavor. It was edible but I probably wouldn’t order it again.

Go here for their drink specials for sure, try the food, the menu seemed decent.

Rick R.
Round Rock, TX
stars-5 6/17/2012
Great place that not a lot of people know about! Awesome beer selection and really good food.

April G.
Austin, TX
stars-4 6/14/2012
I had fun here. Nice open patio area. The staff was so nice and did things quickly. The food took a while to come. But my burger was awesome. Seasoned to perfection. The fries were great. Great drink specials. Whoever heard of all night hh? I like the bar. I mean this place is just set up so well. I like the huge room straight back with the projection screen. Plenty of tables and seating everywhere though. I like the high tables. Lots of tvs. The bathroom area wraps around. This is especially good for trivia night when the place is jam packed and you need to find an outing. Lol. Parking might be a challenge. It wasn’t for me though. Great for any group.

Lindsay K.
Austin, TX
stars-4 6/14/2012
Been here a few times. The food is surprisingly good and the servers are friendly. The Geeks Who Drink game on Wednesday is lively and hosted well! The bruchetta is mouthwatering! The drunken queso is a little runny but very tasty.

Carol N.
Austin, TX
stars-4 6/11/2012
I live near here and we’re in sore need of good places to eat. I wish they had a better name. Before my friend suggested we eat here, the name just didn’t make me picture good food. I love the crawfish bisque and the brie pizza.My first time here about a year and half ago, the service was not very good but I think it has greatly improved now.

Emily D.
Austin, TX
stars-4 5/16/2012
They actually show professional cycling. Amazing! The beer selection is great, and the drink specials are good. The staff is super friendly, laid back, and good at what they do. The owners are great, very personable and accommodating.If you’re going to order food, I recommend The Don – the best of their sandwiches (and I’ve tried them all). I come here for the drinks and atmosphere rather than the food, but I never complain about it when I order it.

Heavy D.
Austin, TX
stars-4 5/7/2012

tramp’s is a great pub. lots of good beers on tap and in the bottle…they rotate the taps seasonally, too. the staff are friendly and fun and the food is very good. the ambiance varies at tramp’s – it can be a great sports bar or even a divey little neighborhood watering hole depending on the hour and the day. i’ve been hitting tramp’s (no pun intended) for a couple of years now, have come to know the owners and really appreciate this place as a classic public house. in fact, i often stop in for lunch and stay to work remotely from a quiet corner in the back of the house!they have a full bar with lots of house specialty drinks that can put you on your ass if that’s what you’re there for. mostly, though, i stick to the wonderful selection of local and craft brews that they have on hand.the kitchen is strong but not a world-beater. on the one hand, you have pub classics like fish and chips and reuben sandwiches. on the other, you have fancy fare like brie pizzas and roasted poblano soup. with the exception of the fish and chips, which could use a little help, everything i just mentioned is delicious! oh, the onion rings are totally badass – crispy and greasy!!!

tramp’s is a soccer bar. if you like the footie then you’ll have a blast because they have several tvs with soccer on ’round the clock.

Antonio L.
Austin, TX
stars-4 4/26/2012
Great local bar. 2 doller pints of Lone Star is allways reasonable. Hey at midnight u can get a free personal pizza with order of pitcher of beer. Thats a good thing! Kitchen is open till 2 am. Have the Italian sidecar with rings and a pint of beer from the large selection of local and import beer that they have on draft. just want a Budweiser. Been there enough times to have it sitting on the bar …..waiting for me to drink. Lots of tv for sports..except out side.

Ann S.
Austin, TX
stars-4 4/19/2012
Sunday afternoon. What to do, what to do? Wander into semi-sketchy looking bar in the Hong Kong Supermarket shopping center? Sure, why not? A Bloody Mary and 5 or 6 mimosas later (I lost count), I was glad I did.
Mister Tramps is in an awkward location, but everything else about the place is pretty much right on the money. The staff is cool, the food is better than decent, and the drink specials are great.
I wasn’t crazy about the Pot Luck Pork sandwich which was recommended by our bartender/server, but the Vegabond pizza was pretty good and the Corn and Crawfish Bisque was delicious. Hubs stuck with beer the whole time, but I took Tramps up on the $4 Bloody Mary & $2 Mimosa weekend special. Great success.

Walter U.
Browsville, TX
stars-4 3/28/2012
This place is what it is. A neighborhood dive bar with above average food for a bar. The pizza was good. The crawfish bisque was “eh”. The poblano cream soup was ok. Great selection of tap beer. Did notice the cooking staff didn’t wear appropriate clothes: shorts and no caps/hair nets. Not that big of a deal to me. Mixed reviews on the wait staff. The males are very observant/attentive. The females, while attentive to a degree, seem to kinda peacock around behind the bar and try to gain attention to themselves (which is ok cuz theyre females and I’d much rather pay attention to them). Ees aight, I’ll go back at some point if I’m in the area.

Jessica B.
Austin, TX
stars-4 3/24/2012
My fiance and I frequent this bar after work. They have a fantastic on-tap beer selection. They change out their beers often enough for you to always have something new to try. They also know how to make any drink or are willing to follow your instructions on how to make one.
Also, the food is WONDERFUL. Sometimes I spend all day dreaming about their pulled-pork sandwich or their “drunken fries”. Actually, I really want some right now!
Friendly, quick service at the bar. We only sit at the bar because my fiance refuses to sit anywhere else no matter what restaurant we go to, but I’m sure the service is just as good at the tables.
I’m not a big fan of sports bars- and this is definitely a sports bar- but the food and drinks are so good that I can overlook that. :)

Carmen H.
Austin, TX
stars-4 3/23/2012
Ok, so I was a little hesitant about going to this place when a friend told me where it was located. I am usually not a location snob but 183 and Ohlen? Really? First impressions, by the name and driving up, definitely a gentleman’s’ club in a former life. I was so wrong. Really liked this sports bar dive! What a pleasant surprise. Definitely a dive but the beer selection on tap was excellent, the service was top notch and the menu, oh the menu! This was some really good bar food! Perhaps the best part of Mister Tramps is the many happy hours. Happy hour is all day with the exception of 1a – 2a. By that point, who cares! I love you happy hours! I will definitely be back.

Jin K.
Austin, TX
stars-5 2/22/2012

As usual, I saw a new business pop-up on this location, but hesitated to try it. An industry social function was held here a year later and I dropped in. I was disappointed that I hadn’t been here earlier! Where as other sports bars serve your typical pre-made fried bar food, Mr. Tramps had some hand made fare that could compete with upper range restaurant appetizers!The owners are friendly and are always engaging the local community and industry.The above mixed with good beer selection and liquor, you have to give this place a try.

Jane K.
Austin, TX
stars-5 2/14/2012
Don’t let the appearance or the name scare you off. Mister Tramps may look dark and dreary, but it really isn’t. The food is delicious (a great mix of regular bar food with more exotic salads, pizzas, and sandwiches) and the beer variety is excellent.We had a work happy hour event at Mister Tramps with people from Houston, Chicago, and Austin. Several employees told me it was a really great venue, and that they had excellent service. You can reserve the area in the back, and they’ll arrange the tables however you want. The room includes a TV, wii, karaoke machine, etc. I highly recommend this space for a large party needing a little bit of privacy.

Kristina K.
Allen, TX
stars-4 1/27/2012
Not a bad place, good place to watch the game though the seats could be more comfy. Food was excellent bar food quality.

Amber M.
Round Rock, TX
stars-5 1/26/2012
WOW this is my new favorite place ever! me and my husband just went here for the first time last night and it was just amazing! fast service great prices and an owner who really cares! the corn and crawfish bisque is to die for! and the queso is the best we have ever had! lots of tvs and the staff was fast and friendly… cant imagine anything they could do better!

Ian A.
Austin, TX
stars-4 1/8/2012

Mr. Tramp’s isn’t my favorite spot in town, but it’s a very robust go-to for miscellaneous sporting events and a brew or two.They have a nifty back room with a large projector, which is great for watching sports, and provides some good seating. Puffy couches! They’ve got an above-average selection of beer on tap, and some good food. There are drink specials every night. For example. they have well liquor pitches a la Shakespeare’s on Mondays, if I’m not mistaken.Oh, and if you like soccer? Go here. I watched the USA vs. Mexico Gold Cup game here, and it was packed to the gills with fans of both teams, standing, screaming and reveling. I’m not a soccer guy, but I can’t imagine there’s a better soccer spot in Austin.

Michael V.
Austin, TX
stars-4 1/4/2012
I’ve returned to MT a few times. The service is a big selling point. Their food has improved, and they have great drink specials. Although not a place I feel I NEED to go, I do enjoy stopping in once in a while.PS – I haven’t had it yet, but friends I’ve gone with say their mac&cheese is very good.

Kate P.
Grand Rapids, MI
stars-5 12/13/2011

Mr Tramps has an excellent beer selection (and Happy Hour all day), which is enough to give this place a good rating ($3 Blue Moons- I’m there!) but then there’s also the food menu and the friendly staff.They have everything from basic pub/sports bar style appetizers like queso (which is the owner’s secret recipe), fries and wings to personal pizzas and delicious sandwiches. The sandwiches are served on toasted baguette bread and come with a choice of sides. Try the Italian Sidecar- you won’t be disappointed.There are also TVs EVERYWHERE. You literally can’t be sitting out of view of one game or another no matter where you are (okay, except in the bathroom).

Terry F.
Austin, TX
stars-4 12/8/2011
Affordable drinks, the red curry soup was great, as good or better than any Thai joint in Austin . Goat cheese salad was better than average. The mediterranean veggie sandwich was good, not great. Too much bread for me. The staff couldn’t have been nicer . We’ll be back to try more soup and another sandwich.

Courtney H.
Austin, TX
stars-4 11/22/2011

I’ve lived down the street from this place, one of my good friends has worked there for awhile but I am JUST now trying their food.I had the craw fish bisque, which is rare for me to get anything even remotely liquid (as in soup, basically anything I can eat with a spoon). I did so because a friend, whose opinion I trust on food recommended it. I’m very glad I did! it was amazing, warmed me right up and tasting the craw fish with the slight buttery taste was divine.I was in a toss up about the Vagabond pizza or the fish and chips. I went for the pizza this time and I definitely did not make a mistake. The goat cheese, bacon, and and basil pesto went together perfectly. Their crust is made in house – it’s airy and light, while still crispy and filling. Next time I’ll attempt to get the fish and chips and not make the pizza my new thing, but I can’t make any promises. Or if it’s the right time – breakfast! Which they also have in pizza form (technology now days, huh?)

Also, the drinks are good and all of the staff are friendly (even before I knew anyone who worked their personally). Monday nights they have open mic night which is also usually pretty decent. It’s absolutely worth stopping by, even more than twice!

Tamsen C.
Austin, TX
stars-4 11/2/2011
I use to drive by Mister Tramps almost daily and I always thought the name was sort of weird and the location was a little sketchy until one day, a good friend told me that they have really great sandwiches. I also found out their patio is dog friendly and so we headed right over. And it’s true! They have really great sandwiches. So far I’ve had the Chicken and Brie and the Club and they were both delicious. The queso is also very good. My boyfriend loves their Italian sandwich and my pup loves coming out with us. They have pretty good beer menu too. Definitely worth a visit!

Duane M.
Littleton, CO
stars-5 10/31/2011
Incredible selection of beers and a menu that is worth exploring! Plenty of TV’s and a friendly staff.

Tony B.
Austin, TX
stars-4 9/27/2011
I use to drive by Mister Tramps almost daily and I always thought the name was sort of weird and the location was a little sketchy until one day, a good friend told me that they have really great sandwiches. I also found out their patio is dog friendly and so we headed right over. And it’s true! They have really great sandwiches. So far I’ve had the Chicken and Brie and the Club and they were both delicious. The queso is also very good. My boyfriend loves their Italian sandwich and my pup loves coming out with us. They have pretty good beer menu too. Definitely worth a visit!

Race P.
Austin, TX
stars-4 9/16/2011
Just the most friendly staff and great food you can find. A kinda diamond in the rough spot… you don’t know its there but you never forget how good it is after you’ve been.

Darci F.
Austin, TX
stars-4 8/18/2011

I go to Tramps frequently… a lot… too much… not enough?I’ve been going to Tramps since January of 2010 and I have seen it grow into something special. It has had its growing pains like all new bars do but it has emerged from them bigger, tastier, and drunk-ier. No, I have not been drinking… yet.Improvements between then and now: Open till 2:00 am, opened a large back room for events and added a projector, tweaked the menu and the food is definitely more consistent.

It has a full, well-stocked bar and a lot of draft choices and the menu is damn good. It is fancier than most bar food and subsequently a tad bit more expensive. You’ll make up for that with drink specials which they run all of the time.

The staff is pretty great. They definitely take care of the regulars. Watch out, they’re sassy! The owners are always there and very active participants in the business.

I go to watch Baseball games. They have every sports channel imaginable and A LOT of tuners so they can show multiple things. You can probably watch 3 games from any seat in the bar.

My one complaint, which I think will be moot in the near future, is that it seems like they try to do too much. Trivia Night, Open Mic Night, Live Music, Private events (actually it’s really great for these), Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Football, Basketball, etc. It does seem that they are finding a good balance of events so as I mentioned, this could be a moot point any day now.
side note: I did just find out this has become the NY Jets fan club bar of choice. Who knew that the Jets actually had fans?! I think it’s just people who like the color green and are looking for an excuse to go to the bar and drink. (ohh, the Yelp smack talk begins!)

I’ll be there tonight, watching my Rangers.


Taryn H.
Austin, TX
stars-4 8/9/2011

Mister Tramps- what a name! To be honest I was ready to ignore you just because of it. I thought- Is it a ‘wanna-be’ Gentleman’s club without the license (do you need a license for that?)…Anyways, we just moved up north to 183 away from our cute East Side bungalow and I was feeling lonely and far away from culinary treats and libations. Went for a celebratory lunch after securing a big client (yea us!). Beers on tap were great, cocktail was yummy and strong. The food was what was the big surprise. I had the Don sammy and salad. Wow, I was surprised. It was delightfully fresh and very flavorful.I thought there should have been a few more drafts on tap (minus one star) but other than that I’m glad you’re biking distance so we can wobble home fat and happy.

Danielle S.
Las Vegas, NV
stars-4 8/6/2011
My expectations were not high, based on the low key exterior with a small outdoor deck. And the interior was pretty much would you would expect from a local’s sports bar. But pleasant suprises awaited in both the fairly extensive & interesting beer selection (including 512 Pecan Porter!), and the better than average food. The turkey sandwich was unique and spicy and flavorful, though the fries & onion rings were very run of the mill. Combine that with friendly & helpful servers, and lots of TV’s, and I was quite happy here.

Alex C.
Austin, TX
stars-4 7/25/2011
Nice little bar, food is good, decent selection of beers. Staff is friendly and there are a lot of TVs with many different things on.

Sarah F.
Austin, TX
stars-4 7/22/2011
Good food, good beer selection, nice people. I’ve eaten their pizza, Reuben, BLT, and queso and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Their prices are a bit steep, but the food’s always been fresh and well-made, and it’s nice to have another place in the neighborhood with a full bar.

Tim G.
Pleasanton, CA
stars-5 7/21/2011
So, Ive been to Mister Tramps many many times and never got around to making a review of the place. It’s definitely a different kind of place with many various personalities. If you like beer there are 30 different kinds to choose from with many local flavors. If you like to hurt your arteries the food there is amazing. The Drunken Bennedict is so good it makes you forget all the bad decisions you made the night before. I’ve made a few.
Little secret about this place it actually is not run by Alfredo the owner its ran by the mustache on his face. It’s why he carries around that coffee cup all the time. It’s mustache food. They also have all the sports packages and don’t cater to any specific team. Anyways, I say go check it out. Order a car bomb and get an Eiffle Tower.

Crystal G.
Pflugerville, TX
stars-5 6/28/2011
Although they do not have happy hour, they do have drink specials on particular days of the week! I highly recommend the Drunken Fries! Cheesy queso poured onto fresh thin cut fries, yum! I also tried their fish and chips, its only one plank of fish, however, its a good sized portion. Very good indeed! Definately a place to hang out after work!

Richmond E.
Temple, TX
stars-4 6/28/2011

This place had a great vibe, cold beer and palatable food. Went with four friend on a Thursday night, was busy enough to feel like a popular place but not so busy as to cause a wait. Our waitress was excellent, very attentive and just a little chippy, not to mention attractive. We sample some food off the appetizer menu, drunken fries and drunken nachos, while the fries didn’t stand out as anything other than quality bar food, the nachos came with pulled pork that was delicious. We didn’t go any deeper into the menu than apps.Their beer list is fleshed out well, although maybe 5-8 offerings were scratched off the printed drink menu, it was nothing I missed! This place has nice flatscreens in every corner, streaming futbol the whole time we were there, which I don’t give two hoots about.I will definitely be stopping for a cold one next time I’m off 183.

Carin A.
Temple, TX
stars-4 6/9/2011

By now, I really just need a shock collar when it comes to judging places by the way the venue looks on the outside. Anyway, this definitely isn’t a new steakhouse by any means, but it’s awesome and not on 6th Street.You have to walk past the large outdoor patio to get in. Once inside, there’s one wrap-around bar, lots of flatscreens, and a huge back foyer that looks like it plays home to some major Poker tournaments (I’ve only passed by enroute to the bathroom).LOL! I can’t remember if its actually called “The Drunken Queso” or not, but while your brain is saying “No!” your mouth is clearly saying “Yes!” I always get “The Don” sandwich (mozzarella, tomato, pesto). Get the fries. FRIES, I say… They are much better than the onion rings.

They have an ample beer selection, as well as a fairly extensive cocktail menu (they list ingredients and this helps). I took some non-locals there just a weekend ago and they ended up loving it so much they added it to their places to hit up again.

I will definitely be stopping for a cold one next time I’m off 183.

Aaron T.
Austin, TX
stars-5 4/8/2011
There have been some personnel changes since my last review, but nothing about the quality has diminished at all. The beer selection is just choice, and the new head chef is just as fantastic as Jeff was. Her greatest compliment: we went to the Robert Burns Tribute dinner a few months back, and she had made haggis from scratch. From SCRATCH! And it was utterly marvelous! This is no easy feat, and I was instantly smitten. They have a new menu now, with several new items. My favorite so far is the chicken-brie sandwich with a light pesto dressing. The chicken was savory and juicy, and the brie was so smooth and creamy that i couldn’t help getting it all over my face. It was brie-kkake, and I loved it. So to all the haters, you really owe it to yourself to give Tramps another shot. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Hillary B.
Austin, TX
stars-5 3/14/2011
Timmy is my hero. Someone should either give him a good tip…or……

Melissah H.
Austin, TX
stars-4 3/8/2011
I’ve only had food here once- a delicious mozzarella and basil sandwich. I go for the drinks- viva la bomba!! Staff and owner are super nice. Great neighborhood place that sells liquor and is open late. It is for sports, though. We came several times during World Cup, and although it was packed, I’d pick Trampy’s over Fado any day.

Sarah B.
Austin, TX
stars-4 2/4/2011

I’ve been to Mister Tramps once and I was thoroughly impressed. They cater to sports lovers, so plenty of TVs everywhere. They’ll take requests for games to show and have access to football (soccer) as well as all the football games. The staff is friendly and our server provided us with a side dish of sarcasm. No one takes themselves too seriously here.For an establishment so focused on sports and conviviality, the food was a pleasant surprise. Fresh, flavorful and inspired, it offered a wonderful companion to the extensive beer choices. The sandwich I ordered was served on a baguette with a flaky, crusty exterior and soft, light interior. It was a perfect compliment to the pesto mayo on the club sandwich. The fries are ok but certainly not the best I’ve ever had.Look to Mister Tramps for friendly service and patrons and surprisingly good bar fare.

Brian S.
Austin, TX
stars-4 1/5/2011

For a while my girlfriend and I would pass here on 183 and joke about how it’s probably some skeezy low-budget strip club. Then Groupon had a deal for the place, so we bit.To our surprise, Mister Tramps is a classy place. The food is unique and creative, not falling into the category of “pub food” easily. We both had sandwiches, which were excellent, and a bowl of queso, which wasn’t that impressive.The beer selection is huge and the service was decent, although we waited a long time for our bill to come out, and sat for a good long while without water. Not a bad place, but I’m afraid it’ll be one of those one hit wonders for me thanks to Groupon.

Robert A.
Austin, TX
stars-5 1/3/2011

Located in north central Austin, Mister Tramps is a fantastic locally owned bar. The bar has many taps for a smaller setting which is a big plus. They recently this year expanded the rear of the building into a large party room area. Mister Tramps also has a full bar, along with their taps.The menu has quite the variety to chose from. I’ve had several different items and I’ve enjoyed all that I have experienced. The Italian sidecar sandwich is probably my favorite menu item of all.Mister Tramps is the local bar where as you enter, the waitstaff usually greets you by name. They are friendly and show off great service.

There are plenty of flat panel TVs to enjoy just about any sporting event you can imagine. I watch most of the World Cup here.

This is a cool little hang out and enjoy every visit I make.

Allen P.
Austin, TX
stars-4 11/21/2010
I went here for happy hour and some food on a Friday after work. They have happy hour from 4 to 11 pm, which was pretty awesome. $3 shiner pints and $7 lone star pitchers. We caught a UT basketball game and they had plenty of tvs for watching a game. There is some outdoor seating, but nothing special really. I had a pulled pork sandwich that I didn’t like, but I guess I shouldn’t have expected a bbq style sandwich from a European themed restaurant/bar. My fiance had a club that she said was really good. It had pesto mayo and did look pretty good. The burgers got mixed reviews from the people we were with. For some reason there was a cowboy playing bag pipes out front at one point. That was interesting I guess. Overall this is your average bar, but with an extra long happy hour. The food seemed hit or miss. I would go back for drinks though and probably try something other than the pulled pork sandwich.

Leslie H.
Pflugerville, TX
stars-4 11/14/2010
I have been back to Mister Tramps twice since my previous post and I love it! The food is great, and there are tons of beer options. On Monday nights you can get small pitchers of a mixed drink for $5. The service still isn’t fantastic, but it’s way better than what it was the first time I went. Prices tip a little on the high sides, but I love the variety and quality of the food. My most recent visit was for Wednesday night trivia. It doesn’t seem like this was a hootin’ and hollerin’ kind of trivia place, so our loud team got some stares from time to time, but we had fun nonetheless.

Sabrina S.
Houston, TX
stars-5 10/16/2010

It’s been over a year of regular attendance and I haven’t reviewed you. I just didn’t want to before now. Finally, I feel you have your bar (sh*te) together.I have had fantastic service. I’ve also had horrible service. However, I have never had either kind of service consistently, until now. I can now say service is consistent. Service is really good. Of course, I write this review as I sit at the bar (chaching, wireless!), sipping on my dos, getting grade A service. If you sit at the bar, which I like to do often, your service will be great. If you sit somewhere out in the restaurant area, it may not be great, but it will be okay.For what it’s worth, I love this place. It’s a neighborhood bar, that honestly feels like a neighborhood bar. It’s not a dive bar. Just a good old neighborhood bar.

Their food is amazing for a bar and definitely sets it far apart from every other bar in the area. The brie pizza is a little bit of crunchy amazingness with pesto and figs. The Thai Red Curry is really smooth. The Corn and Crawfish Bisque is so buttery and incredibly tasty you can’t turn it away.

I tried breakfast here recently and wow! The Drunken Benedict is smothered in queso instead of hollandaise sauce. Holy Mama of G@d…what a great twist on the benedict!

I have to say this, because their is no reason not to have a kick arse bloody mary…the ONE complaint I have is the bloody mary sucks bloody cow b@lls. The bloody mary is a staple drink. Everyone knows about the bloody mary. Bloody Marys are on special during breakfast. However, Mr. Tramps uses some cheap bloody mary mix and the mix is not good. Blasphemy!

Tasha B.
Austin, TX
stars-4 10/7/2010
Minus one star for service. Plus one star for effort. Does that make sense? Probably not. The food was delicious. We were sitting outside with a group of about 7. The waiter didn’t come to check on us as often as we would have liked, and sometimes when he came to one end of the table, he would forget to check in with the folks at the other end of the table. Hence, minus one star. Throughout the evening, sometimes someone else would deliver our food & drinks (the owners perhaps). That person would always assure us that she would send the server right back out to make sure we had everything we needed. And true to her word, each time our server would swing back by to make sure we were okay. So plus one star for the consistent follow up. To address the gaps in service, perhaps they can ask customers to order food at the counter and have the server deliver it. That seems to work pretty well for the Hideout when they are short on servers.The other stars are for the food and atmosphere. Both are significantly better than Flying Saucer, which I also sometimes go to for beer, food and trivia. The sandwich I had was well above standard bar fare, and their draft selection is good.

Ali B.
Cedar Park, TX
stars-4 9/22/2010
I’ve been back to Mr Tramps several times and the service is consistently awesome, usually by a cute girl, and the food is always superb. After my first trip, the pizza has been coming with larger fig slices, so that’s been great.

Richard R.
Berlin, Germany
stars-4 9/21/2010
With a name that bills itself as a “European Sports Bar & Café,” I assumed Mister Tramps would be less divey. No matter, I like places like this. When I visited, I asked about some odd sounding beer. Waitress didn’t know, so she brought me a good-sized sample. I liked that. Was a sweet Belgian thing (the beer, not the lady), so I went with my standard, Paulaner. Will have to try some grub next time.

John A.
Phoenix, AZ
stars-5 8/18/2010
I’ll keep it simple.
I’ve spent a lot of time here at Tramps, I helped keep the wonderful tap lines clean and flowing…;)
Tons of taps (30+!), mostly craft and imports, killer selection, decent per pint prices, two buck Lone Stars, full bar as well.
The menu, damn, everything i tried was great and this is above the level of regular pub food, this is good eats. Mac-n-cheese, lasagna, pizza, baked (not deep-fried) wings, pot pie, killer onion rings… all fresh made on premise. None of that pre-made crap here.
Good peeps as well, family owned and you will see them there amongst you.
The place is usually spotless, as in, if your fry hit the floor you might pick it up and eat it anyway.
Tons of flat screens, perfect for sports watching.
The World Cup there this summer was a happy riot, footie is strong here.
They also have the full NFL, MLB and soccer packages! You ask them and they will put it on for you.and everyone loves Jim’s sausage… heh.

Andrew R.
Cedar Park, TX
stars-4 8/15/2010
Not just your average bar with fried grub. They have real food. Great food. I had the reuben, delish. Not be outdone by a great bar menu, the have a great selection of beer on tap, great drink specials, and awesome, awesome bartenders. Come by and sit a spell. Oh, and if you’re into watching a real game of “footy,” you’ll be able to catch it here as well as other sports.

Neal M.
Austin, TX
stars-4 8/12/2010
I had heard of this place from a friend who said they had killer sandwiches. I got a certificate from and decided to check it out. They definitely have an interesting menu. First off, it’s REALLY hard spending $35 on food only with two people here. We started with the beer and cheese (queso) and it was some of the spiciest cheese dip i’ve probably EVER had. Oh my god. We followed that up with calamari. It was OK but nothing amazing. We ended up getting the Don (caprese salad on bread) and it looked amazing i was told it was tasty as well and I had the pot luck pork sandwich. It was pretty darn good. The service was great, it seemed like every person working had come to our table at one point or another. That definitely says a lot about the place. I had to get dessert to go to make my $35 minimum. The actual decor and layout are kind of strange though. I’ll probably come back again.

Pamela M.
Austin, TX
stars-5 7/26/2010
I am still in love with Mister Tramps. Per my previous review, I have now tried the food and it is delicious! Dare i say, gourmet bar food? I have yet to try something I didn’t like and the Don is a good place to start your food venture here.I’ve always had great service, even when the place is packed. I somehow manage to always drink and eat on the cheap, but I’m not entirely sure how. Careful with those cocktails, the Chunnel Trainwreck is dangerously tasty.

David T.
Austin, TX
stars-5 7/24/2010
By far my favorite place to grab a bite and a pint in Austin. Good beer selection. Food is stellar. Superb, even. Never had a bad time or ill treatment

Martha R.
Miami, FL
stars-4 7/6/2010
Yep – I dig it. There are a ton of TV’s for watching the soccer, and the food was surprisingly delicious. I didn’t get the chance to check this place out on Yelp before heading over there – so from the looks of the place, I felt like it was just going to provide some average bar food. That’s all fine and dandy when you’re there for the sports – so it rocked that the pizza was scrumptious (when’s the last time you used that word?). My friend said that his BLT rocked it… but he was drunk, so who knows. But it sure did look awesome.Hey, if you’re looking for a place that’s got games on, good food, and plenty of parking – you’ve found it. But certainly expect average service from people that are young with an I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude. If you expect more, I’m gonna give you the big fat “I told you so”.

Andrew S.
Austin, TX
stars-5 6/3/2010

I used to live right next to Mr Tramps when it first opened, and was a big fan. It became our “neighborhood” pub and would frequent it a couple times a week. Since we moved further away, we have not been around as much, but I am still a fan of the place.They have somewhere around 30 beers on tap (a previous reviewer said 130, I am thinking she accidentally added the “1” in front) and a fairly good selection at that. As long as they have a good IPA, I will be set. One thing that confuses me is the really overpriced local beers. $5.75 for an Austin beer? You can get the same beer for $3-$3.50 at other bars in the area. Either they are getting screwed by a distributor or they are really just overcharging for it. A lot of the other beer are at great prices, but just avoid local beers there.The food has always been good. We have never had a bad thing there. Their queso is actually really good, not cheap velvetta queso, but real cheese queso. Their sandwiches and pizzas, as well, have always been good. I did notice that they do not have large pizzas anymore (at least from what I saw the last time I was there and looked at the menu).

The bartenders have always been good to us, sure, service may not always be great when it is crowded, but I have not had a problem. I was there on the same night as the other UFC reviewers, and we had great service at a table inside. Other times, we have not had the best, but overall, never long waits.

Barbara K.
Austin, TX
stars-5 5/13/2010

This place was recommended to me by a bartender from another establishment (not kidding). Since it’s on my way home from work, I thought I’d check it out rather than sit in traffic. Great call! I was able to chill out, have a drink, eat some tasty food and avoid the rat race otherwise known as NB 183 rush-hour traffic.Based on the location, I expected a complete dive bar (not that I would have minded), but I got a great neighborhood pub-style bar with friendly servers, tasty food, a solid beer selection, and owners who frequently socialize with the guests.Having been impressed by both the service and the quality of food, I have become a semi-regular since my first visit. My favorite dishes are the chicken pot pie, Waldorf chicken salad sandwich, and the drunken fries.

Most of the staff is very friendly and sociable and knew me by name after only a few visits. It’s possible I over-tip a little now and then, but I figure if the staff is also entertaining me instead of just serving me some drinks, they probably deserve it. :-)

Yeah, check it out, especially if you’re a soccer or rugby fan – it seems there’s always a game on.

Johnathan G.
Austin, TX
stars-4 5/1/2010
Nicer than it looks like it would be on the outside, this fun little gastro-pub has great sandwiches and pizzas at very reasonable prices. Servings are big, drinks are affordable, and the barstaff is friendly. I’ve only been for lunch, but it seems like a good happy-hour or dinner spot too.Plus, they have soccer on in HD on a number of televisions. That alone will bring me back! But throw in the excellent food and I think I’ll make this a regular stop now.

Kristin F.
Austin, TX
stars-5 4/7/2010
Mr. Tramps is a gem. Some friends of ours live around the corner and rave about it, but I had no idea the treat I was in for the first time I went. Huge selection of beers on and great food (get the the Kickin’ Chicken pizza, trust me). Support this place or you’ll be sorry when it’s gone!

Steve R.
Austin, TX
stars-4 4/7/2010

OK, I’m hooked! Had no idea what to expect from Mister Tramps. Heck, I’d driven by it (or over it) on 183 so many times… I never expected a place this good even existed down there below the highway.And boy is it good!Yes, it’s a great pub and it has over 130 beers on tap (the owner Alfredo told me he had that many beers to mask his favorite one so nobody else would drink it!). But the food was truly the surprise. We were helped along by Rob who made excellent suggestions. I had the Lasagna, which is hand made in limited numbers every day. It truly was the finest lasagna I’ve tasted. Vegetarian style… no meat, and also not a lot of sauce. But the cheese mixture was out of this world!

I also tried a cup of the corn and crawfish chowder to start. Fantastic flavor, and just the right amount of BAMMM!

Sherri had a chicken salad sandwich with fries which she also enjoyed very much.

The atmosphere is very nice. Lot’s of plasma screens to take in the sports. I assume they have WI-FI because I saw a lot of people working on their laptops.

Just writing this makes me want to go try something new! I’m just going to have to wait a few more days….

Try out Mister Tramps. You’ll be glad you did.

Becky T.
Austin, TX
stars-4 3/2/2010
Great atmosphere, great selection of beverages with many happy hour specials. We ate dinner and for ‘pub’ food, it was great!! Prices were decent and service was great!We will definitely be back! Austin’s best kept secret!!

Monica M.
Austin, TX
stars-4 3/1/2010

A friend and I decided to stop in for a beer after having dinner, and BOY were we sad that we had just eaten! The menu looked awesome, so we vowed to come back for dinner. We had drinks that first visit, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympics, chatting with the owner, and meeting the friendly bartender.We went again the next week at the same time, this time to get in on that dinner action.. She had the lasagna, and loved it (this coming from someone who generally isn’t a lasagna person), and I had some brushetta. they were both QUITE tasty. The chicken pot pie also looked pretty good – so I’d say the food is definitely above average as far as bars go.In any case, I was pleasantly surprised to find a little gem in that neighborhood, and especially loved the fact that I could HEAR people in my party at a bar, and didn’t have to yell over the TV or music. Will definitely be going back to try out that mac-n-cheese!

Rolando R.
Austin, TX
stars-4 2/25/2010

Loving this new menu they have, the soups of the day are fantastic. Had some of the curry this week, during the snow. Great way to warm up.The new burgers are pretty good, the meat at least. The buns are eh. But the onion rings, oooooohhhhhh. Freaking yummy.The staff turnover seems to have stopped too, it’s been the same bartenders the last several times I’ve been there and they are very good.

Rene M.
Austin, TX
stars-4 1/26/2010

A diamond in the rough!I’ve been here about four or five times now & have yet to leave disappointed. I think what really sets this place apart from other pubs is the FOOD! Not your typical pub grub fare. Some of my favorites are:The Brie Pizza – A pizza with Brie cheese, pecans, pear, fig, roasted garlic, goat cheese and basil-pesto. So freakin’ good! My favorite pizza here. Perfect for sharing with a date.

The Hail Mary Wings – They’re just the right amount of heat where your lips start to burn until you dip the next bite in some bleu cheese. If you like it hot, these are definitely for you. You only get six though.

The Bisque – So far I’ve tried the Crawfish & the Pumpkin Lobster. Both Phenomenal. The Pumpkin Lobster comes with some little crab crostinis that really set it off. The other night they had on special a Thai Red Curry soup and whaddya know……THAT was pretty tasty as well.

The Cheeseburger – I had the cheeseburger once here (a new addition to their menu) and I remember thinking how it tasted better than most bar/pub burgers in this town. Served with crispy, lightly breaded onion rings, I’m definitely going to order this again in the near future.

A bar with a chef who has an imagination can be a beautiful thing.

As far as the beers on tap go, one could make an argument for or against the selection. I like the fact they have Hennepin, Trumer Pils, & Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. If you have a suggestion I think telling the bartender would be a good idea as they seem to be tweaking things here and there. Russell has always been helpful when trying to select a beer, always offering a sample if you’re having trouble deciding what beer to enjoy.

I want this place to stay open and things are looking like I might get my wish. Every time I go it always seems to be busier than it was the time before. I heard that they were hiring more people, so that should alleviate some of the long wait times that other yelpers here were concerned about. The prices are on par with most others pubs who sport this kind of selection on tap (Drafthouse, Dog & Duck, etc). Some things at MT’s might be a dollar or so more than other pubs, but the food here blows those others places out the water. Nice flat screen TV’s everywhere always tuned in to some football match. I’ve also seen American tackle football on TV here too!

It’s the best place for drinks, delicious food, and sports on flatscreens that you don’t know about.

Calysta L.
Austin, TX
stars-4 1/16/2010
They finally got a deep fryer. Yea! This is great because even though they have some of the best food for a sports bar, they didn’t have french fries, and that just ain’t right. But, along with the new french fries, they’ve got new great burger selections, and seasonal specials such as DELICIOUS pumpkin lobster bisque. Though they’ve had frequent staffing changes the one person that remains is Shaun, Thank God, because he creates all the scrumptious dishes. Also, they have free Wi-fi, and Wednesday nights are now generally packed due to the weekly Geeks Who Drink trivia event. Glad it looks like they’ve worked out most of the new biz kinks.

Husejin D.
Austin, TX
stars-4 12/28/2009

Boy do I feel like I am behind the eight ball. I live less than a mile from Mr. Tramps and I watched this place change from a vacant eyesore into what is now Mr. Tramps. The only image I had of business at this location was during the time when it was a printing place. So to see it evolve as a neighborhood pub and cafe puzzled me. The location is a little awkward too: on the 183 frontage road nestled in amongst one of the areas Asian market centers.

I drive by Mr. Tramps everyday. And everyday with obsessive compulsive precision, I survey the parking lot at Mr. Tramps and see that more often than not, it is usually pretty full. If my wife is in the car, then like clockwork, I am sure to let her know that it looks pretty busy. She says, “just stop in.” “I will,” I tell her as I just drive by and just look.

I read the reviews on Yelp from friends and seasoned Yelpers who are quite taken with Mr. Tramps. And they have been open more than six months. So to break the cabin fever caused by the holiday, we headed over to Mr. Tramps, a drive which took less than two minutes. I am glad we went. Of course the first thing that hits you is the amount of beers on tap. Wow! Then there’s the black board items, both drink and food. We only had a snack, but I am definitely going back to try the Pizzas and sandwiches. A shellfish allergy prevents me from trying the Lobster bisque, but I saw somebody else order it and it looked tasty. They had no complaints.

We introduced ourselves to the owner, who is quite an interesting fellow. Alfredo is a friendly host who will spend considerable time with you engaged in conversation on many topics under the sun. The staff at Mr. Tramps are of the same caliber.

The event nights are a very good idea as well, with poker nights on Tuesdays and Trivia Nights on Wednesdays. Both of which seem to be catching on.

So I am up to speed now, finally. Mr. Tramps is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood. I look forward to more pints, grub, and everything else that goes on in a neighborhood bar.

Kristy W.
Austin, TX
stars-5 12/6/2009

ssshhh, people!!!! Don’t tell everyone about this great place!

I go to the Target next door when I noticed this place had opened. From the beginning, I had a wrong impression of this place. It’s next to the service road of 183, it’s a European Sports Bar & Cafe (?), and it’s called Mr. Tramp’s. I was wrong about it all.

Once you’re inside, the place makes you forget where you are. If you want to go to a place where you can watch sports and chat with new friends, this is a great place. I like the layout – it’s very open but has “separate” spaces. There’s the actual bar, high top bar tables and a dining area. All places can see the MANY TVs. There’s also a patio for when it’s warmer. They’ll gladly show whatever game you want to see and they’ll adjust the sound so that patrons can hear their desired game.

The food – WOW. This is not crappy bar food or food shipped straight from sysco. The soups are yummy. I really enjoyed the crawfish and corn chowder. It’s nice and chunky with a bit of heat – now, I don’t really like heat but it works wonderfully with this soup. The sandwiches are HUGE. The bread is soft yet firm – meaning, it’s easy to eat and chew the bread but firm enough to not be soggy and mushy. They don’t use run-of-the-mill condiments. Everything has a pesto mayo, chipotle mayo, etc. All are good. They also have burgers but are not listed on the online or printed menus. The onion rings are YUMMY. They are coated with something sweater, like a tempura batter, and are delicious. The only disappointment was the sliders. For $7.99, you only get 3 “meatballs” on crostini with virtually nothing else. You’re better off getting a real hamburger and cutting it into mini-slices. That’s the ONLY complaint that I have.

I love this place but I wish I could pick it up and move it about a mile or so south (closer to my hood so I could walk/bike). I don’t want this place to be overcrowded and annoying but I want enough people going so that it can stick around and be a great place to go to.


Dave H.
Austin, TX
stars-5 12/6/2009
Ok, I have to admit when I saw the location of this place I had my doubts. But after coming here to watch the Big 12 Championship game I have to say this place is great! Great food, great service and an extensive draft beer list. I would describe the food as “upscale pub food”. They have 8 flat panels welll placed around the inerior and there is a good sized outdoor patio. Come check it out…

Deji M.
Austin, TX
stars-4 11/26/2009

Not 100% sure if you’re a competitive person? Head to Mister Tramp’s Wednesday night trivia. When it was initially proposed to me, I thought I might sit on the sidelines and have a few laughs. Now I squeal like an evil king who has successfully pillaged an entire village by midday.

They have food too. They have a nice selection of sandwiches, and they’re pretty huge so I usually share or take half home. It comes with some alright potato salad, which I sometimes order all by itself. And I otherwise usually hate the stuff.

The specials are nice, which is why yesterday I got a $3 well drink, and then ate almost an entire pizza by myself. Sure, it’s personal sized, but I normally can’t put away as much in one sitting. But it was gooo-oood: brie, figs, garlic, uh… well see, the drink was strong. That’s what I’m trying to say. I can barely remember eating that delicious pizza. Wish the ingredients had been better-dispersed, this I recall.

Yeah they are a little short-staffed sometimes. But the staff they do have is super cool (props to Russell for tolerating our obnoxious crew with a smile).

And really, any place that hosts a dance off to break a tie is bonafide in my book.

One note: you may wake up expecting mounds of fresh breads on your kitchen counter. This is because your clothes from last night smell yeasty, and you might think you’d sleep-walked yourself into bread-making, a feat you may not have accomplished previously in your life. It’s a tease so you’ll go about the rest of your day craving a MT’s sandwich. It’s the ol’ tramp putting the smelly stamp on ya.

David P.
Austin, TX
stars-4 11/21/2009
Consider me pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed my first visit quite a bit. The place is not quite a dive bar but is nothing fancy. Several nice flat screens were showing a variety of sports (football, basketball, and soccer were all on) The big plus for me was the draft selection. Delirium Tremens, Old Rasputin, and Ayinger among others make this a solid beer menu. The server was also great. Pumpkin lobster bisque was pretty good but nothing mind blowing.

Russell P.
Austin, TX
stars-5 11/9/2009

We stumbled upon this little treasure after looking for a low-key sports bar to watch the recent Fedor MMA fight.

The bartenders immediately put the fight on for us and made us feel at home. We settled in for a couple beers and couldn’t believe the selection that they had. Ooh, and Lonestar pints are always just $2! Not too shabby.

What sets this place apart is the food. Absolutely unbelievable for a bar. I mean, we are talking like REALLY impressive. Homemade soups, great sandwiches, and better peach cobbler than the elderly lady that I keep trapped in the trunk of my car makes.

Try: crawfish bisque with a cold pint of Old Chubb.

The owner, Alfredo, chatted with us for quite a while and it was then that we realized that we were in a true Mom & Pops down home type place. You can keep the headaches of downtown – for nearly every occasion, this little gem is a perfect spot.

Kelly S.
Austin, TX
stars-4 10/29/2009

We’ve had our ups and downs… at one point I thought that we were broken up. Now my free wireless neighbor has moved so I’m forced to crawl back, grovelling, asking for a favor.

And am pleasantly surprised!

New bar staff is really great, they’ve gotten their menu together, they have specials on the board that MATCH those on the menu, and I saw they have lobster pumpkin bisque.

Mister Tramps is back on my good side.

(PS Thanks for having wireless!)

Matt W.
Austin, TX
stars-5 10/26/2009

Probably my favorite sports bar in town.

From the outside, it looks like a dive bar, but inside is a great beer selection, full bar, comfortable seating, tons of HD TVs, and a menu that goes above and beyond normal pub food. On top of that, the service is always excellent and prices are reasonable.

Try that crawfish bisque soup.

Nikki B.
Houston, TX
stars-4 9/27/2009

Last night, I wanted to watch football. Specifically, I wanted to watch the Purdue/ND game, the Penn State/Iowa game, and the UH/Tech game – prioritized in that order. We go to another sports bar in the area (which shall remain nameless) who tells us that if we want to sit inside it’s a 45 min. wait or we can sit outside where there is only one TV. I ask which game will be on the TV and the hostess replied Cal vs. Arizona – note those two teams were not actually playing each other. Peace out!

“Let’s go try that random place that just opened across the highway.”

HEAVEN SENT! We walked into Mister Tramps and immediately got a table. The sassy waitress sauntered over and asked us which games we wanted to watch. I rattled off my list of requests and she immediately set them up on the three nearest TVs! CHEERS!

Fantastic draft beer selection. Yummy food – although I would’ve killed for a burger and they are not on the menu – the pizza was delicious as was the reuben. Love that we live so close to my new favorite sports bar!

Revell M.
Austin, TX
stars-5 9/19/2009

This place is GREAT!!!

Friends of mine have been talking about this place for months and a bunch of us finally went last night.
Food is AMAZING and prices are equally lovely. I (shared) bruschetta and the sliders…which were fabulously seasoned pork with a blackberry reduction.
Then we tried the crawfish bisque…again, VERY tasty and great price!
I got “The Don”, which is fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil pesto on a soft baguette with kettle chips. It was so big that I couldn’t finish all of it. My husband and a friend of ours got the “Italian Sidecar” which was a pork sandwich with spices and some other amazing stuff…I had a bite of one of them, and will probably get my very own next time.
I loved this place and look forward to heading back many many times.
I do agree that the service won’t set speed records, but this is a place to hang out, watch some rugby or soccer and have some beers…so what’s the rush anyway??

Christopher J.
Austin, TX
stars-4 9/2/2009
Tuesday night gathering of friends.
“Let’s go to Mr. Tramps!”
“Where’s Mr. Tramps?”
Answer: Target parking lot off of Ohlen. Used to be an Alphgraphics. (It’s the one with the super tall LCD sign off 183.)THE SKINNY: Good place run by super nice people. It was needed in a neighborhood of dive bars. Tasty grub. Nice selection on tap and in bottles. Austin gets ANOTHER great pub. This could quickly rival the better hanging out joints in town.THE DOWNLOW:
* $2 domestics until 7, and again at 9.
* Extensive beer selection on tap. Offering spirits too.
* Don’t let the name fool you, new and clean. Inside large and nicely lit.
* Really nice outside patio seating with lots of space. High walls help with the fact that you’re sitting off what is essentially a service road.
* The owner could not be a nicer guy. (Wait staff equally friendly.)
* People rave about the food. With good reason:
– CRAWFISH BISQUE: was the right kind of buttery. Lots of big, fat, crawfish in a delicious broth. Served with buttered baguettes.
– SANDWICH: On a hoagie roll, the Denver sausage (locally made, says the menu) was cooked right. Sauerkraut. Deli mustard. Kettle chips (did not appear to be homemade). I suggested to the owner to think about offering a Chicago style version. He seemed open to it.
* QUESO: This might be the best queso in Austin. Chips were thicker stone ground variety (aka: what I like).
* SLIDERS: Better of the sliders I had have. Nicely seasoned meat with fennel. Served with a BBQ (?) sauce on top. I gotta remember to stick with mustard on hamburgers. (They had brie. How good would that have been? Brie and beef slider with a touch of mustard and crisp lettuce?)
* THE REST OF THE MENU: Was equally impressive. Several vegetarian options. Pizzas are supposed to be off the hook.

I’m going back. You should go there. Take your friends. You won’t be sorry.

Alex C.
Austin, TX
stars-5 7/7/2009

So, I went back to try the food. I had the “corn chowder and crawfish bisque”, which was bloody amazing, and The Don, which is a mozzarella sandwich. Both were good, though I’d hoped for toasted bread on the Don (I didn’t ask for it). I dragged five or six friends up to meet me, and had a great night. The bartender brought us our drinks outside, and I tipped well.

I ended up with a large tab, but that’s my own fault for hanging out there from 6:30pm until midnight.

I look forward to going back and trying the rest of the menu!

Liz B.
Austin, TX
stars-4 7/6/2009

My boyfriend and I went to Mr. Tramps a couple weeks ago and we were pleasantly surprised! They are still working on the outside decor and have plans to expand the interior. It’s already a great place, but i will be really awesome once renovations are complete!

The beer selection is quite impressive and they seem to have some sort of special every day of the week. The food menu, to be expanded, had great bar food and some innovative recipes. The bruschetta appetizer was amazing and the vagabond pizza was awesome! The club sandwich wasn’t the greatest (a little skimpy on the ingredients).

The owner and head chef were very friendly and chatted with us for a while, telling us about plans to continue renovations and change up the menu. This is definitely a place to keep and eye on and could be a great neighborhood establishment. I would recommend checking it out!

Ryan R.
Austin, TX
stars-4 6/29/2009
Nice up and coming sports bar for the area. All near by neighborhoods should stop by and give it a shot… Try the roasted poblano soup too!

Keri B.
Austin, TX
stars-5 6/20/2009
Just a word of caution. If you get the ” sausages” (which is basically a deliciously glorified hot dog, with a brat and sauerkraut and sweet bell pepper), eat over your plate. Last nite my hubby lost his wienie on the floor. Slippery little devil just flew out the back door of the bun ;). Nate offered to replace tho. It’s all good here. New drink specials. New food menu. New juke. New she-bartender. New games. New chalkboard where you can buy your Tramps buddy a drink for future visits. Shiny new website that links to these here reviews. And last nite, new large crowd. Yay Tramps!

Doryan R.
Austin, TX
stars-5 6/8/2009

I know I know. I just keep writing, don’t I?

Well, after a nice trip to Houston and back, I stopped in to Mr. Tramps to get a little bite to eat. I just needed a little bite before donning my gold pants and furry leggings to head to a killer party on the East Side. Then, I was joined by my drummer, so I had to school him in the ways of the Brie Pizza.

We also got the Turkey sammich because Sean said he’d just finished roasting some great turkey breast. What? REAL turkey on a turkey sammich?? You betcha. Add on some avocado to match up well with the chipotle mayo, and you got yourself a great meal.

We also tried some wines and Nate made me a Manhattan which was really freaking good.

So, I ended up spending more money and missing a party full of half-naked beautiful people. All so I could hang out with Nate and Sean. And you know what? I kinda feel okay about it.

Joel W.
Austin, TX
stars-5 5/26/2009
1. Closest bar to my house.
2. They know what I want when I come in.
3. Bartender Nate is awesome.
4. The chef will make you food that will blow your mind. This is not your normal bar food, heck the food is better than just about every place I have been to here in Austin.
5. The owner is always out there talking to people and he is a riot!In the last month that they have been open I have been there about 7 times, Sometimes just for a single beer at happy hour, but usually I am there with a bunch of friends and we have a great time.They just got a new internet jukebox, so anything you want it will get, and they also just put in a tabletop ms. pacman machine! The fooz tables are “on the way”!

I want this place to be terribly popular and busy all the time, but I also want to just keep it quiet so I can have the bar to my group of friends only.

Happy hour specials are great, and the 4$ car bombs are for the WIN.

If you are in the area for any reason please stop in and grab a drink. You will not be disappointed.

Leah R.
Austin, TX
stars-4 4/29/2009

We’ve been waiting for this place to open – it’s within walking distance to the casa and it’s always good to become familiar with bars in the neighborhood. Yesterday, we popped in for a drink during happy hour and a snack.

The place is definitely in it’s pre-opening phase, it has a new bar smell and the walls are pretty bare. They’re only open from 11-9 Tuesday through Saturday, and they are still trying to get set up.

However, they have a lot going for them already. Our bartender was extremely personable and accomidating. I got introduced to Gaelic Rules Football which was awesome! Half soccer, half american football, sorta rugby-ish, and totally brutal. I really like the vibe of the bar – we ended up chatting with quite a few other people that stopped in to check the place out too, and it’s always fun to meet new peoples.

The drinks themselves – a little pricey but you have to try one of their specials – it’s muddled cucumber and mint in lime juice, with gin, tonic, and simple syrup. They had a huge list of crazy specialty drinks that sounded reaaaallly good. However, they also had 4 dollar happy hour Irish Car Bombs. Yeah, those did me in. We ordered the meatball sliders as well and they were suuuuper tasty. Very unique food. Can’t wait to try some more of their food. They only have 4 appetizers, but they are half price during happy hour.

We will definitely be back. Oh yes. Good stuff.