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Alicia J.
Austin, TX
stars-5 7/6/2014
Mister Tramps has become my home away from home during this World Cup. I’ve been so impressed with the wait staff and how the owners clearly value the fans coming in to watch the games. During yesterday’s CRC game, they put on a Costa Rican party mix before and after play times so the ticos could have a party. Any time a team from a Spanish-speaking country is playing, they’re more than happy to show the game on Univision with Spanish announcers. It really shows when a bar wants to do right by their customers and they most certainly are.

As for food, the burgers aren’t generally worth it (overcooked and underseasoned), the fried pickles are PERFECT, the pizza is almost flawlessly done, and the bread pudding is the kind of thing I still mention on a near daily basis even though it’s been three weeks since I tried it.

The beer prices are about what you would expect, maybe a little less, but the drink specials and the pitcher prices are a steal. No drink specials during World Cup, though.

Brandon C.
Austin, TX
stars-5 7/3/2014
Awesome hidden gem on 183 especially if you like beer and soccer.

The first time I stopped here was because it was close to my work and allowed me to skip rush hour traffic. The next 10 times were because I am in love with this bar. I have driven across town to watch soccer games here before and during the World Cup. The atmosphere here during a soccer match is out of this world. If you get a chance before the World Cup ends go see a match here but get their early because it gets packed.

The owner and bar staff are friendly and pretty timely with service. I am not sure about the wait staff because we sit at the bar rail anytime we go in.

The food is solid for pub grub. I am a fan of the pepperoni and jalapeno pizza because they use fresh jalapenos. I also got a BLT last time I was there, it wasn’t bad but before I finished it I wished I had ordered the pizza instead.

Impressive beer selection. I have seen things on tap here that I had never heard of and the prices are not unreasonable.

Honestly this is my favorite bar in North Austin and my favorite place to catch a soccer game.

Dan M.
Sulphur, LA
stars-5 6/30/2014
Live music and burlesque wow.. really enjoyed the show. Ohh the pizza here is a great thin crust.. yummy!

Kaolhi L.
Austin, TX
stars-5 6/17/2014
If you’re a big soccer fan then this is the place you need to go to. They are known for televising all of soccer games there. The drink prices are pretty good. Small parking lot so I suggest parking at Target then walking over.

My World Cup goal reaction kinda went viral! Here it is!

Sara S.
Austin, TX
stars-5 6/12/2014
I love Mister Tramps!

It’s nothing like Cheers, but it is JUST LIKE Cheers!

Friendly staff (understatement), polite sports (mostly soccer) fans, awesome pizza, unbelievable burger, and the fries and fried pickles are amazing.

The best days are when they have the veggie burger. It’s not on the regular menu, so when I walk in and it’s written up on the board I feel like I just won at bingo.

When it’s not, I feel sad and depressed. And then I notice the Bread Pudding is up on the board and I feel a little better.

Still – veggie burger, Mister Tramps. You do it so well, let’s give that little guy a spot on the menu already!

Romy G.
Austin, TX
stars-5 5/26/2014
Once again, I was starving after ten pm and nowhere was open. I had suggested cheeseburgers to my boyfriend, but it was UT commencement day/night, and after sitting in commencement traffic that evening, wanted to be nowhere near central Austin.

A few of the usual suspects – Bartlett’s and Black Star – had already stopped serving food when we arrived, so he suggested Mister Tramps. I’d been here before to see friends play music, but had never had the food. The bacon cheeseburger was fantastic, as were the fries. It was the perfect size – no 2,000 calorie Hopdoddy bomb, just a solid cheeseburger that I could finish. I was especially impressed with the cold pickle spear on the side. I love a pickle with a cheeseburger. The beer selection was really good, too. My BF had some kind of nachos, drunken pig nachos, I think? They were really good too. I look forward to returning again when I need a bacon cheeseburger fix.

Kathleen S.
Austin, TX
stars-5 5/2/2014
This place is a great sports bar. They have a tons of beers on tap, super fried food, and even trivia and live music. The service is also great. Everyone was very attentive and helpful. Given the great local beer options in this town, it’s always disappointing to go to a bar and feel limited in your options. Not here, they’ll have something you will like on tap.

The parking lot can get pretty full during trivia; I recommend parking in the Target parking lot. Otherwise, you may be towed.

If you’re looking for a good bar that’s not pretentious in the least, this is the place for you.

Max Payne Austin, TX

Max Payne
Austin, TX

stars-4 07/13/2014
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