It’s Dangerous To Go Alone: A Nintendo Quiz

Aug 2017
- 8:00 pm -

Do you shell out good money for your kid’s ocarina lessons? When we say “furious blowing” do you think of an NES cartridge first? Have you settled a bet on the brutal curves of Rainbow Road? If so, grab your Power Glove and join us on Thursday, August 24th for the second edition of It’s Dangerous to Go Alone: A Nintendo Quiz!

We’re headed back to the Mushroom Kingdom for eight more rounds on the house that the plumber built and, this time, we’re opening things up and giving you what you really want. Any game ever released on a Nintendo console is fair game, but we’ll be focusing on the games published by the big N. Pull out your back issues of Nintendo Power and get studying!

Our theme quizzes are $5 per player and will last about two and a half hours. No, finishing sooner will not make Samus take off her power suit. We’re accepting cash only, so leave your rupees at home. Winners will take home a cash prize to spend on a new SNES since you sold your original one at a garage sale when you were 13.

Our regular rules apply. Teams are limited to six players and leave your phones, and Game Genies, at home. They are totally off limits. No, we don’t care how many emulated classics you have on there. Cheaters will be forced to watch the Super Mario Bros. movie on loop for the rest of the night.

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