RESERVE OUR PRIVATE BACK ROOM: With complete flexibility and the latest technology, we can enhance any meeting, gathering or party. The room is ALWAYS FREE, and reserved on a first come basis. There is a $150 Deposit Fee in result of a no show or last minute cancelation

BIRTHDAY PARTIES: Self-Serve activities such as Just-Dance and Karaoke, we give you the control of all the screens and sound. We also offer scrolling the birthday person’s face and birthday message on our 70ft outdoor marquis for further embarrassment.


TECH MEETINGS: All screens are controlled from your PC, MAC, iPad or iPhone all in HD, with full sound and P/A system up to 5000 watts with up to 24 channels of mixing for the most elaborate of presentations.


FOOTBALL WATCH PARTIES: The official home of the Dallas Cowboys Silver and Blue Crew and the Philadelphia Eagles along with Penn State and USC in college football

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COMPANY MIXERS: For casual gatherings or formal presentations, we have the flexibility to do all.


ARTISTIC EVENTS: From Drink-n-Draw to Sketch-Bomb, we cater to artists of all skill levels.

UNIQUE VIEWING EVENTS: Weekly viewing groups for Walking Dead and annually The Oscars are just some of the TV watching parties….create one of your own.


OTHER SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Even Weddings and Wedding Receptions have been performed at Mister Tramps.


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